Roxy’s rough day Part 1 – Chapter 1

”Roxy’s Rough Day”

written by

Roxy sighed as she looked
at her parent’s busy lives, her dad as usual was typing on the fossil
typer away on his latest screenplay and her mother was speaking to Mr
priyte, her boss on the teredactal phone.

”Hallo Mr Pritye, no I
can’t fill in for the junior excative at the ofice today I got an
important advertising task to do first,” Pebbles went on on her
telephone-teretactayl to Mr Piryte as chip was busy on a fossil game
and pebbles washing his mouth at the same time. ”Okey, fine,
right….oh yes….well….I know sir….of course I have my
assignment ready for tomorrow on your desk sir” she answered to her
boss as she made the meals for tonight’s meal. ”Yes well, I gotta go
now, my kids and husband well be expecting me soon, yes thank you My
pryite, see you at work tommorrow, bye” and then she hung up on him.

”Thew, I thought he never
finished talking for a minute, that man” she told hershelf as she
look at Bam-Bam typing furiously away on his teretacyl type writer
computer. ”Let’s see now, what happans next, does the insurance man
go after the trapped girl or does he folow the villan in disguise? he
told himshelf as he look though a book that was published by a new
author lately. ”Wow, I gotta admit, these storyline, sound almost as
beeter then my sentances these days” he added as flick though a page
in return. Pebbles lovenly shook her head and kissed him at the
check. ”How is your new script doing Bam-Bam? she asked her husband
who smiled and kissed her back. ”It’s really going great pebbles, my
new gangster movie is coming along just perfect!” Pebbles just
couldn’t hide her exsperation of her husband determination of his own
screenplay developments.

”Well I gotta go to work
now, do you want me to pick you up anything honey?” she asked Bam-
Bam before putting on her red striped jacket on. ”No I ‘ll be
alright honey, thanks” replied bam bam smiling.

”okey, bye” replied
Pebbles as she walked out of the house and into her foot pending car,
”hi-oh, hi-oh, it’s off to work, I’ll go!” she sings to her shelf
as she drove on towards work.

Bam-Bam was left to mind
the kids as he carried on with his screenplay. Roxy who was missed
out in all the fuss in pebbles and Bam- Bam with their work lives,
Roxy wanted to say something, but now it was too late.

”Daddy, can I talk to
you?” she asked her father as he was busy typing away on a new
paragraph on his latest story.

”sure sweetheart, what
can I do for you?” he asked as he skipped accidentally a few words
as Bam-Bam turned around and faced his daughter alone.

Roxy didn’t know what to
say at first, but soon found her words at last when she looked
directly into her father’s eyes.

”Daddy, I want to know,
why do you and mommy have two jobs at once?” she asked a bit
curiously, Bam Bam didin’t know ow to answer that question there, but
had to think of something or else Roxy would be left with a strange

”well Roxy, dear it’s
like this, sometimes, when two people are ambitious like career
hungry in their lives, they want to pick out a job that they can do
with their lives, understand me honey?” he asked Roxy.

Roxy looked at her father,
she slowly shook her head in a positive way that Bam-Bam can

”No daddy, I’m afraid

end of act 1

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