Flintstones Pornography Story: I Stand Alone – Chapter 1

Flintstones Pornography Story: I Stand Alone – Chapter 1

I Stand Alone

Fred stood at the top of the stairwell. Below him was the clear sight of the den; but Fred saw something else. Standing here his life seemed to be laid before him. Everything that had happened in his life, everything he has ever seen, ever done, ever accomplished, ever failed. The friends he had made (Barney Rubble), the enemies (again, Barney Rubble), the little moments in life he cherished most (bowling).

Like most everyone else, Fred Flintstone was once young and vital. But now he was old, fat, bitter and still his lifelong dreams had not been achieved. Fred felt sorry for himself there was no doubt about it and at the same time he was disgusted.

When he looked in the mirror, he saw a filthy fat pig. He hated what he was, what he had become. A measly family man with a nagging wife and a winy little snot nosed brat, that, like her mother and father, never did amount to anything. Ever. Now Pebbles was tied down with a bunch of lazy kids and a sorry husband that just used her.

Fred trailed into the kitchen, finding a fresh beer in the fridge. He stepped outside then and just stood beneath a palm tree. Beneath the shade of that tree, Fred finally came to terms that he had realized something. In all these years of misery, he had learned a lesson from it all. That lesson was this: Life was a loveless, cold natured prison guard that had no care for anyone. If time left you behind, it was your problem. If you fell in love with the wrong person, it was your fault. It wasnt really people who took life for granted, it was really the other way around.

You low life! Fred became hysterical, tossing his beer aside and shouting at the sky. You cold natured, sick, twisted! Oh God! he screamed then, collapsing to his knees and grabbing his hair. What have I become? Im a loser! A loser! I couldve went to college, I could have owned my own business! But no! No, I couldnt do that! Oh God! he began to wail and grieve terribly.

Fred hated himself. He was a failure. He was a scum, a let down to himself. Fred fainted and laid stiff in the shade of the palm tree. He felt alone now and empty, maybe numb. There was nothing out there for him now, no life, no retirement. The house that he was in debt for hed more than likely lose it before it sold. Fred was a miserable brute with baggage he was too tired to carry baggage that was bound to him for eternity.

This was it. This was Freds life. It didnt get any better than this and he stood alone.


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