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Oops! Looks like bra was invented much later!

Adult Cartoon Flintstones

Hentai Picture: Oops! Looks like bra was invented much later!
You may have run across some Flintstones before, you’d be surprised to locate such a great abundance of quality action in one site. Well endowed slut from Flintstones is bobbing with a massive vaginal invasion here in this entry. Have you ever imagined peeking at Tara’s almost naked image where she strokes her tight flashing with desire split?

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Flintstones Porno Story: the flinstones

Flintstones Porno Story: the flinstones

The FlintstonesFred came home after a long day at the quarry. He through open the door and yelled, WILMA, Im HOME. Fred braced himself for Dinos loving attack but nothing happened. No yelping dog, no running paws coming at him, nothing. Fred was confused, then he looked to his right and standing in the doorway to their bedroom was Wilma. Fred dropped his lunchbox and stared. Wilma was wearing that white skimpy outfit she had shone him from the Fredricks of Hollyrocks catalog last month.Freds mouth dropped open and all he could do was stare at his beautiful wife. Her toenails were painted bright red, her long legs were white and smooth with a thin coat of oil glistening on them, her panties were made out of white fur, hugging her small hips and letting her tight little ass cheeks poke out. Fred immediately got hard as he continued to survey his wifes beauty. Her waist was thin and firm, her chest incased in the same white fur were round and firm. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail just like she wore it in high school.In a soft sultry voice Wilma asked, Do you like my new outfit Fred? All Fred could do was nod his head with his mouth hanging open. Wilma smiled as she seductively moved toward Fred; taking his hand she led him into the bathroom. I have a nice hot bath waiting for you Fred. We are going to get you nice and clean and then we are going to do all kind of fun things tonight. Fred watched his wife undress him, still shocked by what he saw. Then he started to look around, but Wilma?Ssshhh, Fred, Pebbles and Dino are at the Rubbles, they will take them and Bam Bam to my mothers in the morning, and if you are very good to me tonight Fred, and I do mean very good, I might let you play with Betty tomorrow. Fred stared at his wife with his eyes wide. Dont worry Fred, this will all sink in soon. Now get in the tub and relax while I get you your drink.Fred eased into the hot scented water and began to relax immediately. Without Wilma standing in front of him he was able to think again. A new outfit made out of white fur, Fred loved the feel of fur against his skin. He had always thought about fucking Betty, but she was Wilmas best friend and Barneys wife. Waite a minute, if I get to fuck Betty, does that mean Barney gets to fuck Wilma? At first Fred didnt like that idea. Then he pictured little Barney on his wife while Fred fucked Betty in the ass. He really liked that idea. Freds cock was rock hard and he wanted Wilma now.Heres your drink Fred, Bronto Bourbon on the rocks.Fred took a sip and coughed. You got the good stuff didnt you? Wilma just smiled and began to wash Freds body. Fred tried to get out of the tub and Wilma stopped him, come on honey I cant wait, I want you now. The cleaner you are Fred the more we can do. Fred looked at his wife, not quite sure what she had in mind but he was sure that he was going to enjoy it. So he sat back in the tub and sipped his drink while his beautiful wife bathed him.Fred was in heaven as his drink warmed his insides while Wilma washed his body. Fred felt Wilmas tiny hand wrap around his ten-inch tool and begin to stroke it gently. Fred began to moan as his wifes excellent touch brought him close to orgasmic bliss. Im going to cum soon if you dont stop honey.Quiet Fred, I have everything under control, just lie back and enjoy. Fred relaxed and exploded in Wilmas hand. Very good Fred, Now that that is out of the way the fun can begin.Now it can begin, baby its already started for me. But why get me off in the tub Wilma? Fred said with a very confused look on his face.As Wilma began to dry Fred off she told him, I have learned that when we fool around in bed you get off very quickly and then fall asleep. But, when we are not in bed, like last months camping trip to Granetstone park with the Rubbles, you fucked me in the woods four times in one day and it lasted longer each time we did it. I have never had so many orgasms in my life. So now I want to see if you can do that again, but this time at home. So here is the deal Fred; if you can PLEASURE me ALL?NIGHT?LONG?, then I will let you fuck Betty in the ass as a reward while Barney is fucking me. The Rubbles will be here tomorrow at noon, and Freddy boy, there is one more little catch? Wilma watched Fred to make sure she had his undivided attention. If you can satisfy Betty, then this will become a regular event. What do you say Fred? Are you up for the challenge?Fred had a huge grin on his face. YABA DABA DOOO, am I up for the challenge? Wilma, I have been up from the moment I saw you in that outfit, and I plan to stay up to pleasure you ALL?NIGHT?LONG? Now come here baby. Fred scooped up his wife and carried her into the living room.Oh Fred! Wilma giggled. But what are we doing in the living room?Your right Wilma, if we get in bed and fuck its lights out for old Freddy boy and I wont get to watch Barney fuck you.Not to mention you and Betty, huh Fred? Wilma said with sly look.A yea, that to. Anyway, this will be our park and I figure that we can use the furniture like we used the ground and rocks in the park.Oh Fred, that sounds like fun.Fred put Wilma down on the table and kissed her. Her lips parted immediately and sucked his tongue into her mouth. Her right hand found his cock and moved it to the entrance of her cave. She used her fingers to part the slit in her fur panties. As soon as the head rubbed against her lips she slid forward on the table and impaled herself with it. Fred had never seen his wife like this. Not even in high school was Wilma this hot. If she wanted to get fucked tonight then that was what she was going to get. Fred picked her ninety-pound frame off of the table and started slamming her hips against his, forcing his cock into her steaming cave, hard and fast. The fur from the slit rubbed against his cock shaft adding to the sensation.Wilma broke the kiss panting. Her legs and arms were wrapped around Fred. She was trying to hang on but the only feeling she had in her body was Freds pile driver slamming into her pussy. OH Fred, Thats it Fred. Fuck me Fred. Through gritted teeth and with her eyes squeezed shut she growled in his ear. You better fuck me hard and fast Fred Flintstone. Then I want you to eat your come out of my pussy. You are going to fuck me in the ass and then we are going to get cleaned up and start all over again. Now fuck me Fred, like you never fucked me before.Fred could not believe the words that were coming out of his wifes mouth. She had never talked like that before, but he was determined to satisfy her. He tightened the grip on her waist and slammed her pussy hard onto his cock. Wilma began to scream, her ponytail was whipping around her head. Her juices were pouring out of her pussy and dripping off of Freds balls. Her entire body was shaking as her first orgasm of the night exploded deep within her. Wilma was holding on for dear life but she had been quickly reduced to a rag doll. Fred felt her going limp and eased her onto the dinning room table and continued his assault on her pussy. Now that Wilma was lying down she could relax her body and truly enjoy what Fred was doing to her body. She began to pinch her nipples as Fred continued to slam his cock into her body. Her head rolled around as squeaks, moans, and other unintelligible noises escaped her mouth. Her orgasms had been building and she could tell that a big one was on the way, but only if Fred could keep up the pace.Fuck me Fred, fuck me hard Fred, make me come Fred!Fred felt his wifes pussy throb and quiver with each orgasm. He was determined to give her the fuck of her live. He pictured her with Barneys fat little six-inch cock in her and that gave him new energy. Fred pulled almost all the way out and slammed back in to her like a pile driver, as hard and as fast as he could. Wilma was now lying limp beneath him, her head rolling from side to side moaning.The first shock wave of this new orgasm hit Wilma like a sledgehammer. Her eyes flew open in disbelief to see what was happening to her body. But it was just Freds magnificent cock. Wilmas legs began to shake, her hands squeezed her tits, her head came forward and her mouth flew open. Lights exploded behind her eyelids as her entire body shook. Then it hit, Freds cock got bigger and then exploded within her. That was all she needed to take her over the edge. Her entire body went limp and then began to twitch uncontrollably. She could feel Freds enormous tool pumping hot cum into her ravished pussy. She had never felt so fulfilled in her life. Fred felt Wilmas pussy tighten around his cock and that was more than he could take. His cock got larger and then exploded within her. He had his cock buried deep within her cave as load after load of his hot seed pumped into her. Fred began to loose his balance on very shaky legs. He fell into a chair, his still hard cock sliding out of Wilmas pussy with a plop. Their juices began to run out of Wilmas cave and onto the table. Watching this gave Fred new energy and reminded him that he hadnt eaten yet. Fred moved his chair up to the table and began to dig in.Wilma was in a daze. Small orgasms were still rippling through her body when she felt a new sensation. It immediately increased the severity of her orgasms. It took her a few moments to get her brain to figure out what was happening to her. It was Fred; he had removed her panties and was eating her pussy. No, she thought, I need to rest. But it felt so good. She tried to rise up but at that moment Fred bit her clit and her little orgasms turned into one big one. She began to scream and moan as orgasm after orgasm ravished her body.Fred was having a great time giving his wife so much pleasure. He licked her pussy from asshole to clit and back down again. From time to time he would bite her clit and that sent her crazy. He was having trouble keeping his mouth on her cunt she was bucking around so much. Then he heard her say something, very faint. No more Fred, Please. I cant take any more. Then she kept repeating in a very soft voice. No more, No more, no more? OK Wilma, Ill stop eating your pussy.Wilma smiled and just lay there as her orgasms continued to make her body twitch. She felt the table move beneath her but couldnt figure out why. Then she felt like she was rolling, but her brain was too fuzzy to make any sense out of anything. Then she felt something on her ass, then poking her ass. Then her brain kicked in. Fred was going to fuck her in the ass. She needed time to rest, he cant do this to her now. But she had no energy to stop him; all she could do was moan as the head of his cock slowly entered her ass hole.Fred went slowly on the way in, but as soon as the head of his cock passed her outer ring he slid in easily. The moans coming from Wilma told him that she liked it. Fred quickly picked up the pace and began pounding her ass.Wilma couldnt do anything but take Freds onslaught. She tried to hold on to the edge of the table but her arms wouldnt work. Her orgasms just kept coming wave after wave. Then she felt Fred stiffen and come in her ass. Mercifully he didnt last long this time. Wilmas body just continued to shake as she became aware of being picked up. Snuggled up in Freds arms she felt safe, content, and satisfied.Fred figured that Wilma needed to rest after all of this. Hell, I need to rest Fred said to himself. On shaky legs Fred picked Wilmas trembling body and carried her into the bedroom. He laid her in bed and snuggled up next to her. She was asleep as soon as he laid her down. Fred held his wife and kissed her forehead softly. I love you Wilma.Wilma woke up around midnight, exhausted, drained, and very satisfied. She was curled up next to Fred who was softly snoring. Wilma snuggled up closer to Fred, she had never loved him more than she did at that moment. She had asked for the fuck of her life and he had given it to her. She laid her head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat as she drifted back off to sleep.The first rays of sunlight were peaking through the window as she began to stir. She looked at the clock and couldnt believe that she had slept so long, but she needed it. Wilma ran her hand over Freds strong chest then down his stomach to his ever-ready cock. As she had expected it was hard and ready for action. Her pussy was still moist from the night before, but she could feel her juices starting to flow again.Wilma sat up and squatted over Freds waist. Using her hand to line up his cock with her dripping cave, she lowered herself onto his massive tool. As soon as Fred was inside of her her body began to quiver. Small orgasms began to ripple through her pussy; it was a continuation of last night. Wilma began to rock back and forth on Freds tool, rubbing her clit across his coarse pubic hair. She leaned forward with her hands on Freds chest for balance.Fred woke up from a wonderful dream, only to find out that he wasnt dreaming. His beautiful wife was sitting on his cock and riding it like a cowgirl. Fred grabbed her small waist and pulled her down harder onto his cock. He was so deep in her he could feel the entrance to her womb rubbing against the tip of his cock. Wilma was moaning as her nails dug into Freds chest. Her ponytail was whipping around her head. Wilmas eyes were closed tight and her body was trembling. Fred knew that she was close and wanted to be sure that he would earn the right to fuck Betty. Fred moved his right hand in front of Wilmas pussy so that his thumb could rub against her clit. Wilma let out a scream as soon as she felt him touch her clit.Fred moved his left hand behind Wilma and probed for her ass hole.Wilma felt like she was loosing her mind. First Fred began to rub her clit, and then she felt a finger rubbing her very sensitive ass hole. Wilma was coming in buckets at this point, lights were exploding behind her eyelids, and she had very little control of her body. Then she felt Fred shove a finger up her ass and she lost total control. She collapsed on top of Freds chest twitching and moaning.Fred could not believe Wilma; she wasnt this hot, this erotic, or this beautiful in high school. Fred slid out from under his trembling wife and moved to the end of the bed. Fred put a pillow under Wilmas waist and crawled up between her legs. He rubbed his cock up and down her slit and began to push the head into her pussy when he heard Wilma mutter, No Fred, please dont fuck my pussy Fred, I cant take any more. What ever you say Wilma, I will leave your pussy for Barney.Wilma smiled and road the euphoric wave of ecstasy that came with her orgasms. Then her eyes shot open and her brain tried to process what Fred was doing. Aaahhh, no Fred!But Fred was already in. When Wilma had asked him not to fuck her pussy he merely changed targets and headed for her ass, again. He had shoved his cock into her ass in one massive stroke before she new what was happening. Fred wasted no time in attacking her ass. Shoving his cock in fast and hard. Wilma didnt let Fred fuck her in the ass often, but he was tonight.Wilma was beside herself, she had no energy left to protest with. Her orgasms were the only thing in control of her body at this point. She felt Fred get bigger and knew that he was moments away from coming in her ass and she was ready for him. When she felt Freds hot come shoot into her ass she passed out.As the clock began to strike twelve he heard a knock on the front door. My heart skipped a beat and my cock became full erect, again. Fred looked over at his sleeping wife and figured that since she was the one asleep instead of him that he had earned the right to fuck Betty. Fred opened the door standing slightly behind so that the world would not see him naked and Barney brushed by him looking for Wilma. I ya Freddy boy, wheres Wilma?In bed, sleeping, why dont you see if you can wake her?It will be my pleasure Freddy boy. With a big smile on his face Barney headed off to the bedroom to find Wilma.Fred turned back to the doorway and their stood Betty, a long brown fur coat wrapped around her body. Hello Fred, arent you going to invite me in?Oh, sure Betty, please come in.Betty walked past Fred with a big smile on her face saying, I plan on doing a lot of coming today Fred. Betty walked to the middle of the room and waited for Fred to close the door. She looked over Freds naked body and saw that Fred was hard and ready for action. She figured that Wilma had spent all night and probably most of the morning working on his tool, she just hoped that Wilma hadnt warn him out for her. Betty stuck a sensual pose with one leg slightly bent, then slowly opened her fur coat to show Fred her naked body.Fred closed the door and turned to watch Betty walk to the middle of the room. He watched as she slowly turned and scanned his body, her gaze lingered on his rock hard tool. Then she slowly opened her coat and Fred almost fainted. Betty was naked under that coat. Almost as if he were in a trance he began to slowly move toward her. Taking in every inch of her body. Fred saw something between her legs that took him a few seconds to register. No Hair! Betty had shaved her pussy. Betty was staring at Freds huge cock. Wilma had told Betty about Freds tool over the years, but now that it was in front of her she found herself being drawn to it. She dropped down to her knees and ran her hands all over Freds enormous tool.I have dreamed about sucking your cock ever sense Wilma first told me how big it was after the first time that you fuck her under the bleachers after the home coming game. She told me all about how you stretched her pussy with it, how you pumped into her hot cunt for over an hour, and how you made her cum over and over again. Oh Fred, I want to suck your cock, I want you to fuck my pussy like you did Wilmas, but most of all Fred Flintstone, I? want? you? to? fuck? me? in? the? ass. I want to feel your hot sperm flooding my as. Will you do that for me Fred? Will you fuck my tight little ass with your big, hard, throbbing cock?Freds eyes had rolled back into his head. He could not believe what he was hearing. Betty had been stroking and kissing his cock the whole time that she had been speaking. She looked at his cock as if she was in a daze. We have all day Betty, I promise to fill you up with cock and cum.Betty opened her mouth wide and slid her lips over Freds cock. She flicked her tongue over the crown and felt Fred shudder. To her surprise Fred exploded in her mouth after only a few licks. She swallowed fast to drink his hot juice down her throat and then licked him clean. She looked up a Fred with disappointment in her eyes. Wilma said that you lasted for hours.Fred reached out for Bettys hands and helped her up. He softly kissed her lips and felt her melt into him. He could taste his cum in her mouth and that excited him. When they broke the kiss he tried to explain. Betty, I have been thinking about you since Wilma told me about today. When you walked in and opened your coat I thought that I was going to explode right then and there. But I promise you this, the next time I will last much longer. Then Fred scooped Betty up in his arm and took her into the bedroom.Barney walked into the bedroom and found Wilma on her back sound asleep. Since he knew that Fred and Betty had already started with the fun and games he figured that it would be alright for him to help himself to Wilma. Barney climbed on to the bed and gently moved her legs apart. Wilma had a neatly trimmed bush of red that matched her hair. Barney knelt between her legs and did what he did best, eat pussy.Wilma began to moan softly almost immediately. She thought how mean of Fred not to let her sleep. She felt his tongue swirl around her clit and she was awake, shaking and cumming for all she was worth. Oh Fred, that feels so good. Oh Fred, this is the best ever.Barney was happy to hear her words, but wasnt about to stop to let her know that it wasnt Fred. He slid a finger into her ass and began to suck on her clit. Wilma rose up and screamed, FRED, FFFRRREEEDDD!Fred walked into the room carrying Betty. Fred had to smile, he could she that his old pall had had not lost his touch at being the best cunt kisser in Bedrock. Fred put Betty down on the other bed as they both sat and watched Barney drive Wilma over the top again and again. Betty sat next to Fred slowly stroking his cock. Wilma was thrashing around on the bed making it difficult for Barney to keep his mouth on her pussy. Betty pussy was dripping and begging for some attention. She left Freds cock and walked over to Wilma on the other bed. She climbed up next to her and swung her right leg over Wilmas chest. This helped to keep her body still for Barney but did little to relieve the itch in her cunt. She moved forward and lowered her cunt onto Wilmas mouth. Wilma wasted no time in devouring her cunt.Wilma was going out if her mind. Fred was incredible and her body was out of control. Then she felt something on her chest that held her body still but her eyes would not focus to tell her what it was. Then she felt lips on her mouth and she kissed it greedily, but they were cunt lips. She couldnt figure out where they had come from or whose they were at that moment but she didnt care either. Wilma happily sucked in her juices and sent her tongue deep into the warm wet cavern to find more.Fred could not believe what he was seeing. This was better than any porno movie that had ever seen or heard of. His best friend was eating his wife. His wife was eating her best friend. His best friends wife was being eaten by his wife and was about to get his stiff rod shoved up her ass.Betty was leaning forward against the wall shaking from the violent orgasms being caused by Wilma. Wilma was screaming into Bettys pussy from the orgasms caused by Barney. Fred straddled Wilmas chest and lined his cock up with Bettys ass. As soon as the head touched her puckered rose bud her body froze. Fred put a little pressure on her opening and it slowly began to give him access.Betty was going out of her mind. Wilma had never eaten her like this before and Fred was shoving that monster cock of his up her ass. Her entire body was a raw nerve and sweat dripped off her nipples and ran down her spine. She felt her ass open up to Fred and couldnt believe how great it felt. Barney was a great cunt lapper but his cock was nothing to right home about.Barneys mouth was finally getting tired. After all, he had spent all morning eating Betty before they came over here. He backed away from Wilmas pussy and heard her moan. When he looked up he was surprised by what he saw. Betty sitting on Wilmas face and Fred with his cock up Bettys ass. When did all that happen he wondered? Barney shrugged to himself and raised Wilmas legs. He had always wanted to fuck her and now he was going to have the chance. He spread her legs and slid his seven inch cock easily into her gapping hole. Barney was hot and knew that he would not last long. He pumped into Wilma like a pile driver at the quarry. Fred was finally in Bettys ass and gave her a moment to get use to him. Then he began to pump. She was hot and tight. Fred pumped her hard and fast as he grabbed her tits to give him something to hold onto.Betty was going out of her mind. She could feel Fred deep inside of her ass and she loved it. Her orgasms were rolling one right after the other. Wilma was incredible today.Wilma felt Fred stop eating her pussy and moaned. She didnt want him to stop, ever. He had never been this good before and she wanted it to last forever. The she felt him raise her legs and shove his cock into her pussy. But that wasnt Freds cock. She knew Freds cock and that wasnt it. But it was pounding her pussy and it felt great.Barney was going out of his mind. He wasnt going to last long but it was going to be a long blast. He pumped hard and fast into Wilmas pussy and felt his cock grow as his balls began to tingle.Fred was now pounding Bettys ass hard and fast and could feel his cock start to swell.Betty was screaming now. Wilma was biting her clit and to her amazement she felt Fred get bigger. She thought the he was going to split her in two. She could not wait to feel his hot sperm exploding in her ass and she didnt have long to wait. After only a few more strokes Fred exploded within her. His sperm seared the inside of her bowels. Her entire body tensed up as the most massive orgasm of her life ripped through her body.Wilma was in heaven, she didnt know whose cock was fucking her but it felt great. She felt it get bigger and knew that he was about to cum. She bit on the clit in her mouth and held on. When the cock in her pussy exploded her whole body began to thrash violently on the bed. Fred and Betty both lost there balance and rolled off onto the floor. Wilma was panting and making all kind of strange noises as wave after wave of the most mind blowing orgasms of her life ripped through her body.Finally the room was quiet. Betty sat in the floor on Freds lap with his cock still tucked away nicely in her ass unable to move. Fred just sat. his poor brain was trying to restart but it was a long slow process. With everyone else gone Barney collapsed on top of Wilma. His shrinking penis quickly slipping out on her pussy. Wilma just laid there content, stroking the head of the unknown man that had given her so much pleasure.After about ten minutes Wilmas brain began to register the people around her. She smiled as she looked into the face of her best friend. Hi Betty, I see you came. She said with a smile. She looked at Fred and then at the man laying on her chest. For the first time she realized that it was Barney. Hi Barney, you were wonderful.Barney got off of Wilma and kissed her softly on the lips. Thanks Wilma, you were great too.Fred and Betty got onto the other bed and curled up together. The four of them drifted off to sleep and to dream of what was yet to come.

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Flintstones Porn Story: The Flintstones 2 – Chapter 1

Flintstones Porn Story: The Flintstones 2 – Chapter 1

The Flintstones 2

By BaskervilleDude99


Cliff Vandercave ran as fast as he could away from the destruction of his brainchild. He wished he was on that beach in Rocapulco, safe with the money he embezzled from Slate and Company. But his vision had failed, thanks to that dimwit Fred Flintstone. As these thoughts ran through his mind, he heard a loud roaring sound, and he looked up to find a large mass of concrete falling towards him. He let out one final yell as the concrete piled up on top of him, and he blacked out.

Chapter I

One week later

It was 11:00 at night. Deep inside the Bedrock Museum of Art, the statue that was once Cliff Vandercave shook violently. Something was happening. An arm broke free of the concrete, followed by the other. Slowly the rest of the concrete fell away, and Cliff stretched his stiff muscles.

Continue reading

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Naked Wilma Flintstone suck Fred Flintstone cock

Flintstones Sex Movies Cartoon

Hentai Picture: Naked Wilma Flintstone suck Fred Flintstone cock
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Wilma Flintstone and futa doll Pebbles Flintstone want some animal fun

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Wilma wasn’t lying when she said that Fred’s cock is bigger than dino’s!

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Busty Wilma Flintstone have tight love holes

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Flintstones Porn Story: lowest price viagra

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Outdoor blowjob from redhead wifey Wilma is the best!

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Cock worshiper Wilma Flintstone dressed like a slut gives head, takes a fucking and cleans up wet cock after ejaculation! Flintstones personages simply cannot quit with a new strip of this naughty sex that cannot have enough of raw sex and for their scorching hot and indecent dreams! Let’s follow the lead of a chick from Flintstones who is having her pussy filled on the side of the road after trying on some clothes in a shop just a minute ago.

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